What Is The New Triple Mutant Variant Detected In India?

What Is The New Triple Mutant Variant Detected In India?

What Is The New Triple Mutant Variant Detected In India?
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Everybody is aware of India's battle with Covid 19's second wave. We have recently witnessed more than 370000 COVID cases in 24 hours. It is recorded as the highest total globally. However, we are hearing some news regarding the Triple Mutant Variant responsible for the rise of the Covid 19 case in India. If you want to get your RT-PCR Covid 19 test done in Agra, find your nearest ICMR-approved lab in Agra. Viruses constantly change with mutation, and we have seen that there have been multiple variants of the virus from the very beginning of the pandemic.

What is a triple mutant variant?

This variant is found in Maharashtra, the second-most populous in India. The name "Triple Mutant" denotes several mutations. Moreover, it also has V382L in its spike, a sub linage of B.1.617, found in MH samples and some other states. In case of any issue, visit ICMR approved Covid-19 testing lab in Agra to get yourself tested.

Is this variant unique?

There are no such differences between this variant and others. It has some notable mutations that have been tracked already in other variants.

Is Triple Mutant Variant dangerous?

There has been no such evidence where this virus is considered deadlier. As far as the records are concerned, this variant is not resistant to Covid-19 vaccines.

Why is it essential to get the COVID 19 vaccine?

The covid 19 vaccine has been distributed all over India, and there are still many people who want to know the importance of the vaccine. Getting vaccinated will reduce the chances of serious complications caused due to covid 19 virus. The vaccines have been put through various clinical trials before approval. Studies have shown that vaccine reduces the probability of Covid contamination.

Coronavirus updates

It is seen that India is going through Covid 19 third waves. Omron is responsible for the most positive infection across India. Causes of the third wave

  • Generic mutation

 The omicron has 30 mutations in its s-proteins compared to the delta variant. The higher the s-protein mutations, the higher can be its transmissibility. A single affected person can transmit it to six other persons.

  • Social gathering

The chances of getting affected in a crowded place are higher. Thus, this variant has spread widely in India due to large gatherings.

  • Not obeying Covid 19 protocols 

Not following Covid 19 protocols, i.e., not wearing masks and not maintaining good hygiene.

How to save yourself from this variant?

You need not have to do anything but wear masks and maintain good hygiene. Moreover, avoid going to gatherings and take your vaccine as soon as possible. If you feel any discomfort, you should do your RT PCR Covid 19 test from ICMR approved covid testing lab in Agra to get quick treatment in case of found affected.

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