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Knowing is better than not knowing! The stress of not being aware of the issues of your body can take a serious toll on one’s health leading to further illness. Being aware, even if the tests confirm an ailment, is always better not just for the relief of knowing but, most importantly, to be able to determine the proper course of treatment according to the test results.

Only when the doctors know the ailment, the extent of it, and the effects of it on your body, will they be able to suggest treatments, accordingly, like in the case of diabetes: medication, insulin, lifestyle changes like proper diet, weight reduction, regular exercise, etc. We, at Scientific Pathology, offer a tremendous 1000 different tests that you can choose from according to your requirement. Get sugar test, Anti-GAD test, CBC, Full Body Check Up in Agra, and much more!

What is GAD Antibody?

The pancreas requires GAD to function normally.

GAD: Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase

Scientific Pathology’s GAD Test Name: Anti GAD-65

Sample Type: Serum

Reporting Schedule (number of days taken for the test results to arrive): 7 days

It is an enzyme that the pancreas requires and when this enzyme is attacked by antibodies, those antibodies are called GAD antibodies.

Now, you must be thinking that antibodies attack foreign objects that might be harmful to the body like viruses; so, how why are antibodies attacking an enzyme that is crucial to the health of the body? While it is true that antibodies target foreign objects but sometimes our immune systems produce autoantibodies that attack normal cells by mistake which is called an autoimmune disorder.

When To Take & Who Takes the Anti-GAD Test?

The Anti-GAD test is done on patients with diabetes and it is performed when there are doubts about the type of diabetes present in their body.

Anti-GAD Test Results:
The presence of GAD or other autoantibodies indicates the likeliness of type 1 diabetes.

If there is no presence of GAD, then it probably types 2 diabetes that you have.

Sometimes, persons with type 2 diabetes can also have GAD antibodies present. In this case, it is said that they have LADA: Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults.Top of Form

If you reside in or near Agra and you are required to take the GAD antibody test, as suggested by your doctor, then Scientific Pathology is the best diagnostic centre in Mathurato book your appointment with.

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