How Are the First Few Months? Know Everything about the 1st Trimester!

How Are the First Few Months? Know Everything about the 1st Trimester!

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The bliss of bringing a new life into this world cannot be compared to anything; no matter the efforts and pain that comes with it, in the end, it is always worth it for the new parents looking at their new-born’s face for the first time! As happy and physically demanding as the entire pregnancy experience is, we all know that it is much more than that as keeping up with regular check-ups, ultrasounds and blood tests are important to track the development of the foetus.


The 9-month pregnancy is divided into 3 trimesters and each comes with its own battery of tests, list of dos & don’ts and the care that one needs to take! If you are looking for the top “pathology laboratory near me” be it for confirming your pregnancy or for the tests that follow, then Scientific Pathology is the top choice!


  • The first test during the 1st trimester would be the blood test (part of antenatal health check) to confirm the pregnancy as home tests are not completely reliable. We all are aware about the one and only indication of pregnancy according to Indian films, the nausea! It is caused by hormonal changes and depends on woman to woman on how long it lasts which can be for the entire 1st trimester duration (3 months). Tenderness in the breasts is one of the earliest signs of a pregnancy. It is caused as the milk ducts are developing to feed your offspring later on. We, at Scientific Pathology lab have a wide range of around 100 different tests and a NABL accreditation, making it the best diagnostic centre in Agra for pathology, diagnostics and imaging tests!


  • Around the 12th week, an ultrasound scan is offered wherein you would be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat. The ultrasound also shows if you are having a single child, twins or triplets. This is also where the due date can be determined along with checking the baby’s size and checking for other health conditions. So, the ultrasound scan is one of the most crucial stages and check-ups and getting it done at the top imaging & diagnostic centres like Scientific Pathology is a great option for this and the internet search of “pathology laboratory near me”!


The 1st trimester also includes urine tests (to detect urine infections which if left untreated might trigger pre-term labour), blood tests (to check blood sugar- gestational diabetes, rubella immunity and other infections), general checks, medication review and a general discussion of how to manage the pregnancy! 

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