Know What is Causing Your Allergies with Scientific Pathology’s Comprehensive Allergy Profile!

Know What is Causing Your Allergies with Scientific Pathology’s Comprehensive Allergy Profile!

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Health is Wealth and as cliched as it sounds, it is true; so, one should do everything in their power to maintain and increase their wealth over time! Even for simple and common symptoms that are brushed off into the category of “its normal”, could sometimes be due to underlying issues that need to be diagnosed. If you are looking for a best allergy testing lab in Agra, then you are on the correct research path which ends here, at Scientific Pathology.

 Allergies & Allergens!

Allergy is a wide term and can range between being extremely harmless to deadly! Allergies present themselves in the most common of symptoms like cough, diarrhoea or stomach pain; these are symptoms that we usually don’t recognise with allergies but if these signs present themselves in your body and it’s not just one instance, then getting a diagnostic test is the step in the right direction followed by doctor’s consultation and proper treatment/care or symptom relief. Scientific Pathology also offers a Full-Body check-up in Agrathat you and your family can take; we conduct over 20,000 each day and have a whopping 1000 different tests!

It is important for one, especially children, to get the allergy test done as they are the ones who constantly suffer from symptoms like cold, stuffy nose, running nose, etc. which are not only the result of infections, irritants or injuries but also symptoms that are similar to allergies.

Get an allergy blood test in Agra and have the reports sent to your doctor for complete understanding. An allergy blood test can be run to check of a wide range of allergens from food to animal dander, trees to pollen, mould and more!

*Sneezes* *Bless You* Bless Yourself with Our Comprehensive Allergy Profile!

Scientific Pathology offers a Comprehensive Allergy Panel; it includes Asthma, Rhinitis, Wheezing as well as the Food Allergy Panel. The method used in this comprehensive test is Immunoblot and the sample type is serum. There are a number of triggers (each having its own set of symptoms) that can be diagnosed with this wide allergy panel like Rash/Hives, Rhinitis, Oral Symptoms, Digestive Problems, Eczema as well as Asthma.

If you do not require a Full Body check up in Agraor a Comprehensive Allergy Panel, Scientific Pathology also offers specific and individual tests that are required for a wide range of symptoms and ailments and also specific allergen tests as required or as suggested by the doctor like Inhalant & Food Mix Panel, Inhalant/Asthma Mini Panel, Inhalant/Asthma Panel and Food Allergy Panel.

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