PCOD- Symptoms, Diagnosis & Prevention

PCOD- Symptoms, Diagnosis & Prevention

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Your body is your temple and it should be one’s duty to treat it well and keep its well-being in check! There are many ailments that can be prevented, treated and, in some cases, cured with changes in your lifestyle like reducing weight, having a healthy diet, exercising regularly, reducing the intake of sugary foods, alcohol as well as foods high in fats and carbohydrates, good sleep, etc. 

Sure, there are many cases in which a person might get an ailment irrespective of how well they treat their body but if they are able to maintain it well through lifestyle changes, then the symptoms can be managed well, especially when it comes to hormonal disorders in females. Scientific Pathology is a top pathology lab In Agraand the largest in U.P. that offers a wide range of diagnostic tests you can choose from! 


What is PCOD?


PCOD: Polycystic Ovarian Disease

It is a condition where the ovaries produce partially mature eggs or immature eggs in a large number. The eggs, when accumulated, causes swelling in the ovaries which results in the release of large quantities of male hormones, causing infertility.



  • Large quantities of male hormones/ increased androgen levels which can be result in physical symptoms like male pattern baldness, excess facial and body hair, etc. 

  • Infertility is another major symptom of PCOD. Infertility due to failed ovulation and irregular/delayed periods are caused by PCOD.

  • Delayed periods or irregular menstruation because of the abnormal maturing of the egg.

  • Weight gain and acne are also symptoms of PCOD.




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  • Blood tests can be done to determine and quantify the hormone levels; if there is an increased level of androgen in the female, it might indicate PCOD.

  • An ultrasound is an imaging test that we, at Scientific Pathology, offer and it is done to check the appearance of the ovaries and the uterus.




There is no proven cure for PCOD and it can be caused by insulin resistance, leading an unhealthy lifestyle and extreme weight gain. 


  • Maintain a healthy weight and reduce fat by exercising regularly.

  • Maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet by consuming equal amounts of protein and carbohydrates, reducing sugary and fatty foods.

  • Manage your stress by indulging in hobbies and sports

  • Have a good quality sleep and a good sleep cycle

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