Too Late to Kill Mosquitos? Here’s How to Fight Dengue Fever!

Too Late to Kill Mosquitos? Here’s How to Fight Dengue Fever!

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Are you constantly on the lookout for mosquitoes to kill and nip it in the bud? Not getting bitten by mosquitoes is the best way to keep Dengue at bay but if they do and you start feeling sick in a few days, then continue to read! Simply keeping our surroundings is not enough, you also need to keep your health in check by taking the correct steps in case you feel some clean thing is wrong. Dengue Fever, also known as Breakbone Fever, is a viral disease that occurs mostly in tropical and sub-tropical regions; it is a mosquito-borne disease and can be deadly in rare cases. Dengue Fever can be diagnosed with a blood test and if you are looking to get a Blood Test in Agra, then you have landed on the right page as Scientific Pathology is one of the top and the largest pathology labs in Uttar Pradesh.

Is it Dengue?

Dengue can present itself in the body anywhere between 4 to 10 days after being bitten by an infected mosquito. While many of Dengue’s symptoms are common in other types of viruses (like flu), there might be certain indicators that your fever is the Dengue Fever. The most common symptom of Dengue is high fever that is usually around the 104° F mark; this accompanied with any, many or all of headache, nausea, body aches (bone, joint or muscle), swollen glands, pain behind the eyes and rashes. If any of the symptoms occur, get tested for Dengue at Scientific Pathology, the best pathology labnear you, in Agra!

It is Dengue! What Now?

After being tested positive for Dengue, you need to consult a doctor who will then suggest you the course of treatment. Usually, Dengue fever patients recover within a week or so and need to take plenty of rest and fluids during the time but if your symptoms are severe like nose bleed, extreme stomach pain, blood in vomit, fatigue, restlessness, persistent vomiting, gum bleed, skin appearing bruised which is a result of bleeding under the skin or passing stool with blood, then you might have a case of Severe Dengue which is life-threatening and you need to get to the hospital immediately.

A normal platelet count ranges between 1.5 to 4 lacs whereas a Dengue patient can have a platelet count as low as 20,000. Get your blood test in Agra with Scientific Pathology to keep your platelets in check!

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