Let’s Talk About AMH

Let’s Talk About AMH

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Our children, the future generation, the ones whom we raise, the ones who will take care of us, the new generation are nothing less than the most important in our lives. Most of us want a bundle of joy or joys that we can expand our families with and as easy as it sounds, it requires a lot of planning, even before conceiving the child. From taking multi-vitamins, reducing body weight, eating healthy foods, getting regular exercise, doing yoga, and other practices to prepare our bodies, as females who are looking forward to bringing new life into this world, there are more things to consider in certain cases when it comes to pregnancy. 

We, at Scientific Pathology, are one of the best diagnostic labs Agra that provide a wide range of blood tests, imaging tests, and other diagnostic tests that you can take from the moment you start baby planning to after giving birth along with a number of other tests that one can take as required in their lives. 

What is AMH?

AMH: Anti Mullerian Hormone.The AMH test is a blood test that helps determine the number of follicles inside the ovaries and as a result, a woman’s egg count. Basically, the test reveals the woman’s ability to produce eggs that can be fertilized for pregnancy. The test results show AMH levels that show the potential egg cells that are left in a particular female’s body. The AMH levels increase to a certain age in adolescence and then decline with the increase in age and diminish during menopause. 

A lower level of AHM indicates only a decreased egg reserve and does not indicate infertility. The fewer the developing eggs, the lower the chances of a healthy egg getting fertilized. 

This test sure does reveal the number of potential egg cells but it doesn’t indicate the quality of those egg cells. 

When & Who Should Get the AMH Test?

  • The AMH test is a blood test and can be taken anytime during the menstrual cycle. You can choose the Scientific Pathology laboratory in Agrafor the AMH test and get the results on the same day.

  • Women having trouble getting pregnant despite having been trying to conceive for months. 

  • Women under the age of 35, want to delay children; this will help the woman make the decision of getting pregnant later or earlier than she planned.

  • Women having certain conditions that might affect fertility like PCOS, endometriosis, surgeries on ovaries, chemotherapy, or premature menopause as a family history.

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