Thalassemia- What, Why, When & Whom to Test; Importance!

Thalassemia- What, Why, When & Whom to Test; Importance!

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Thalassemia is a blood disorder that presents itself in the body due to genetics. It is an inherited disorder which is characterised by the low haemoglobin and lesser red blood cells than normal in the body; basically, the body’s ability to produce enough red blood cells that are healthy and produce haemoglobin which is an oxygen-carrying protein is hindered.

What is the Thalassemia Test?

Scientific Pathology is one of the top pathology labs and the largest in Uttar Pradesh that offers a whopping 1000 different tests including pathology, imaging and other diagnostic tests. We have the best diagnostic centre in Mathura, top pathology lab in Agra and many collection centres and pick-up points throughout the state.

We, at Scientific Pathology, offer the Thalassemia test which is a blood test; the testing is for Thalassemia trait! The blood test is done to find out if a person has the Thalassemia trait which is important to know as there is a chance that the person might have a child that has thalassemia.

Why is it Needed?

The test is to, basically, reveal if you are a thalassemia carrier; the screening is an effective way to ensure that your child doesn’t suffer from this lifelong disorder which has no cure, which is why it is essential to get! It is the best as well as important to get such an important test at one of the top pathology centres; Scientific Pathology has a pathology collection center in Hathraswhich you can submit your samples at!

Thalassemia is a lifelong disorder and can be fatal in some cases, which is why it is important to get the diagnosis.

When to Test?

The blood test can be done any time but it is recommended to be taken before conceiving a child so that one knows if there is a risk of your child having thalassemia.

Who Should Take the Test?

The Thalassemia trait test should be taken by both the partners who are deciding on having a child, especially if the families have a history of the ailment or a partner carries the trait!

The Thalassemia test is one when the doctor suspects that the child has the disorder that can be confirmed with blood tests which would reveal the red blood cell count as well as any abnormalities in their shape, colour and size.

Get the Thalassemia tests at Scientific Pathology, the best diagnostic centre in Mathuraand get accurate results.

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